This is the must-see trilogy for anyone interested in the history of Finland!

This extraordinary journey into Finland’s past is filled with murders, revolts and cutlery – as well as plot twists and sexy moustaches. Finnish History is partly based on the extensive research conducted for a primary school presentation in 2005 – which means you can rest assured knowing that all the facts have been rigorously checked. However, a disclaimer: I am not a professional historian. Please do not get fooled by my pipe, tweed jacket and considerable historical knowledge as a former history student. No professional historians were harmed in the making of this trilogy.

Episode I: The Return of Lalli
Full duration: 04:30

Episode I: The Return of Lalli takes us back to the fabulous year of 1156. The story focuses on two characters – Henry, an English clergyman who became the bishop of Finland and Lalli, a Finnish peasant who became a bloody legend. These two characters met in Köyliö but the encounter did not end well. What happened on Lake Köyliö and why? How did Lalli become a legend? Why do Finns love axes so much?

Episode II: The Forks Awakens
Full duration: 04:25

Episode II: The Forks Awakens is set in the thriving city of Turku in 1562. Finland was still part of Sweden when John – then the Grand Duke of Finland, later the King John III of Sweden – brought his new wife Catherine Jagellonica to the Finnish city of Turku. This episode reveals how this future Queen of Sweden changed the lives of everyone in Finland (except the poor, of course) – what happened? Has it got something to do with forks like the title suggests?

Episode III: The Peasants Strike Back
Full duration: 05:20

Episode III: The Peasants Strike Back takes us back all the way to the late 1590s. It is a story of peasants – you guessed it – striking back. It tells the story of the Finnish peasant uprising Nuijasota – the Cludgel War, or the Club War, for those incapable of Finnish. Who is Jaakko Ilkka, the wealthy landowner and the leader of the peasant revolt? And what does the 1997 film Trainspotting has got to do with this (spoiler: not much)?

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