Representation/s is a personal project dealing with memory, loss and existence through the use of various media objects. The body of work consists of a short film, sculpture of a film projector and a sound installation with cassette players.

The short film Representation presents a performance of small and gentle recreated actions. The film was shot on black and white Super 8 film, with one uncut take, and was hand-developed with minimal diy equipment intended for still photography processing. The sculpture of a film projector was built with MDF board and plywood. Though not a real working projector, it has been used as a projector for the short film in various installations – blurring the lines between an object and its representation. The sound installation consists of multiple cassette players. Each cassette player is playing a tape loop with a voice either asking an ontological question or presenting a fragment of a memory. The tape loops are five to twenty seconds in length. When playing, the tapes and voices slowly become distorted – like the questions and memories they are trying to endlessly repeat.

Representation was scanned by on8mil
Full duration: 03:24